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If I lose followers for this, IDC

Does anyone notice the people who are posting political stuff on tumblr, are generally too young to vote. Those of us who are old enough to vote know politics and tumblr don’t really mix…

Lol just saying!

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    I didn’t mean they shouldn’t have an opinion, I think they should and I think they should be involved. What I meant was...
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    I’m 23. been voting for 5 years. love tumblr. think it is a fine place for politics AND that people who are too young to...
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    politics and tumblr dont go together because i just want to reblog pretty edits and not get insulted by what my friends...
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    tumblr and anything mix lol just saying
  5. augustuswate said: I mean if they are posting things that are valid arguments for either side I’m fine with it. I think it’s good to be involved in politics from a young age, because this is when they’re forming their viewpoints. But anything rude is uncalled for.
  6. dmarie1985 said: AMEN
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  8. mistermalfoy said: yes yes yes! it is getting so annoying!