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Jennifer Lawrence BTS of X-Men DOFP

That awkward moment when you can’t tell if someone is being sarcastic or serious…

An Italian fan of jlaws emailed me and asked if I was the real jlaw. Or if I had her email address. As much as I love having the same name as her, I don’t Think I could handle getting emails like that everyday.

I never wanted any of this. Never wanted to be in the games. I just wanted to save my sister, and keep Peeta alive.

"The more you can distract yourself, the better," he says. "First thing tomorrow, we’ll get you your own rope. Until then, take mine."I spend the rest of the night on my mattress obsessively making knots […] By morning, my fingers are sore, but I’m still holding on.



Mockingjay + Characters

Several sets of arms would embrace me. But in the end, the only person I truly want to comfort me is Haymitch, because he loves Peeta, too. I reach out for him and say something like his name and he’s there, holding me and patting my back. “It’s okay. It’ll be okay, sweetheart.” 

What I want… what I want is to have him back.



so are we going to talk about the fact that they made katniss look like she is actually 17


I never wanted any of this.
                                          I never wanted to be in the games.

we must be k i l l e r s.
where we got left to run?